Big Commerce

Retargeting, Recommendation, Personalization, Search and Analytics !

Big Solutions...

Bigdata practices become more important for online retailers to interact with their customers in real time to get more accurate information so that its gives the best results in searching and for analysis.

  • Personalization - Consumers shop with the same retailer in different ways,
  • Dynamic Pricing - Store needs dynamic pricing if your products compete on price with other sites real time basis,
  • Customer Services - Customer can interact with various medium direct store, twitter etc,
  • Predictive analytics - Analytics is crucial for all online retails, regardless of size. Without analytic it is difficult to sustain your business.

Why Zeetashop.... ?

Zeetashop create a bridge in to the traditional retail technology to the modern e commerce and mobile commerce solutions , our experts help you in Bigdata , Gamification and Social commerce trends in retail and service commerce.

Why ZeetaShop
  • Expert global digital commerce agency
  • 100% focused on digital and service commerce
  • More then 200 Retailers and Merchant references
  • First global company in e Commerce Gamification
  • Bigdata best practices
  • Enterprise e Commerce Services and solutions
  • Cross-device digital and service commerce leadership

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