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Consulting , Hosting , Development and Implementation


Custom Application Solutions

What we do ?

  • Consulting
  • Installation
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Quality and Testing
  • Product Integration
  • Plug-in and Modules Integration and Implementation
  • Third party application integration and implementation
  • UI - User Interface
  • UX - User Experience
  • New Module Design and Development
  • New Plug-in Development
  • Social Media Integration and implementation
  • Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • End to End 360 Solutions

Are you looking Magento Solution ?

Contact Zeetsahop : Magento experts with your actual requirements and what exactly you are looking for your e-Business and your proposed store , so that our consultants can guide you the next steps and also gives you suggestion with the best suitable solution based open your proposed requirements.

To know more about our services , you can contact : zeeta@zeetashop.com

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Why Zeetashop.... ?

Zeetashop create a bridge in to the traditional retail technology to the modern e commerce and mobile commerce solutions , our experts help you in Bigdata , Gamification and Social commerce trends in retail and service commerce.

Why ZeetaShop
  • Expert global digital commerce agency
  • 100% focused on digital and service commerce
  • More then 200 Retailers and Merchant references
  • First global company in e Commerce Gamification
  • Bigdata best practices
  • Enterprise e Commerce Services and solutions
  • Cross-device digital and service commerce leadership

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